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Plasma Cutting Machine

Due to easy operation, high accuracy, high efficiency, low labor intensity and many other advantages, CNC plasma cutting machine has found quite extensive applications in multiple works. Normally, the CNC plasma cutter is widely used in various industries including chemical machinery, automobile, construction machinery, etc.

Our CNC plasma cutting system can be equipped with Hypertherm, Thermadyne, Kjellberg and domestic brand plasma generators, providing a selection of semi-dry type, dry type, underwater and fine CNC plasma cutting machines.

Main Features
1. The structural steel fabrication equipment is provided with a remote controller, ensuring ease of operating and saving operators.
2. High quality pipes are used for gas circuits, thus extending service life.
3. CNC system of this plasma cutting table comes directly from the Beijing Flourishing Start Control Technology Co., Ltd. It enables stable performance and easy maintenance.
4. The CNC plasma cutting machine comes with a high precision servo driver that is supplied by Panasonic.

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Model YZCN -4000A YZCN -5000A YZCN -6000A
Rail gauge (mm) 4000 5000 6000
Effective cutting width (mm) 3200 3700 4200
Cutting torch lifting stroke (mm) 170
Steel plate thickness (mm) 6-100 6-100 6-100
Flame cutting speed (mm/min) 50-1000
Plasma cutting speed (mm/min) 350-6000
Max. return speed (mm/min) 6000
Flame cutting thickness (mm) 6-100 (Single gun), Boring thickness≤ 80
Plasma cutting thickness (mm) Based on customers request
Flame cutting material Low carbon steel
Plasma cutting materials Low carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel
Input power Single phase AC220V, 50HZ, 2KVA
Total power 1.5KW

Notice: Maintenance
1. Regularly clean each part of the CNC plasma cutting machine, including dust removal of electric components in CNC control box and power box;
2. Regularly clean gear, gear box, rack and rail, and add lubrication oil;
3. Regularly remove the scrap dust remover to clean.

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