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Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

The self-aligning turning rolls manufactured by Yizhou can automatically adjust the pivot angle of wheels based on workpiece diameters for pipe and vessel fabrication. It employs a combination of steel and rubber wheels, enabling large bearing capacity and strong driving capability. The pipe welding rotator can be used in conjunction with our YZH series welding manipulator to carry out circular seam and longitudinal seam welding automatically on metal pipe’s internal and external surface. Also, it can be used with manual welding machine to test and assemble cylindrical workpiece.

Note: Yizhou is available to design and manufacture welding turning rolls in special specifications. Additionally, we offer YZK series adjustable turning rolls and YZG series lead screw adjustable wheels, available in 5 ton to 600 ton capacity.

1. The pipe turning rolls are equipped with best-in-class frequency converter to achieve a wide adjusting range, large starting torque and high adjusting precision.
2. A remote controller makes operation more convenient and reliable.
3. All steel wheels bring exceptional bearing capacity and driving ability to the pipe fabrication equipment.

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Model Max. bearing capacity(T) Workpiece diameter range (mm) Wheel diameter and width (mm) Wheel linear speed (m/h) Motor power (kw) Speed adjustment method
Rubber wheel Steel wheel
YZG-5 5 φ250-φ2300 φ250×100 2×φ240×20 6-60 0.75 AC variable frequency speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation
YZG-10 10 φ320-φ2800 φ300×120 2×φ290×25 6-60 1.5
YZG-20 20 φ500-φ3500 φ350×120 2×φ340×30 6-60 1.5
YZG-40 40 φ600-φ4200 φ400×120 2×φ390×40 6-60 3
YZG-60 60 φ750-φ4800 φ450×120 2×φ440×50 6-60 4
YZG-80 80 φ850-φ5000 φ500×120 2×φ490×60 6-60 4
YZG-100 100 φ1000-φ5500 φ500×120 2×φ490×70 6-60 5.5
YZG-150 150 φ1100-φ6000 - φ600×280 6-60 7.5
YZG-250 250 φ1200-φ7000 - φ700×300 6-60 2×5.5
YZG-500 500 φ1800-φ8000 - φ850×350 6-60 2×7.5

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