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2014 Dubai, H-Beam Fabrication

Product: H-Beam Production Line
Introduction: A customer from Dubai bought our h-beam production line in 2014. In September, 2014, we appointed engineers to conduct on-site installation. After installation, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the line quality and process. The picture shows that the customer was carrying out equipment test run.

Belgium, Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Product: YZG100 Turning Roll
Introduction: A customer from Belgium purchased our YZG100 turning rolls for vessel fabrication. The customer required us to widen the rollers to match to the vessels. According to their requirements, we adopted widened PU roller and obtained high satisfaction from the customer. In the latter half of the year 2013, the order quantity was increased to 10 sets.

Mexico, Tank Fabrication

Product: YZG40 Self-Aligning Turning Roll
In 2012, a Mexican customer purchased our 40 tonnage self-aligning welding rotators which can move automatically without load, ensuring great convenience to operate. They were equipped with superior PU wheels.

Russia, Tank Fabrication

Product: YZK-200 Adjustable Turning Roll
A Russian distributor purchased our 200 tonnage adjustable tank welding rolls which employed full steel wheels, providing suitability for large diameter tanks and a long service life of at least 10 years.

Application Industries
  • Pressure Vessels Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Structural Steel Construction Industry
  • Metal Working Industry

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